Summer solstice cocktails

June 21st is the official start of summer and the longest day of the year. Hello, summer solstice! See ya, winter! How should you celebrate the start of a new season and the additional hours of daylight, warmth and happiness? With cocktails! Reyka Vodka is small batch and crafted in Iceland where summer solstice is pretty much their biggest party of the year. Now that winter is a distant memory, I think we deserve to celebrate with a cocktail {or four} with these tasty, seasonal recipes by Trevor Schneider.



Clear Bloody Mary

6 parts clear tomato juice

2 parts Reyka vodka

2 bar spoons sriracha

2 bar spoons lemon juice

2 bar spoons soy sauce

1 bar spoon apple vinegar

All mixed in shaker with ice and then strained over celery granité.


2 cups celery juice mixed with 2/3 cup sugar syrup, freeze.






unnamed-6Summery Beer Float

1 part ginger syrup

1 part lime juice

1 1/2 parts Reyka vodka

Shake and put into a long drink glass over lots of ice. Garnish with lime zest and topped with white ale.










unnamed-3Smokey Bay

1 part smoked Reyka vodka

1 part Birkir {grain spirit infused with birch}

1 part fresh lemon juice

1 part sugar syrup

3 dashes bitters

1/2 egg white

Shake ingredients only, and then shake with ice. Strain over big block of ice and top with dried and powdered seaweed.








1 ½ parts Reyka Vodka

2 black cherries, each cut in half

1/2 nectarine in slices

1/2 parts lemon

1/2 parts elderflower essence

Blend Reyka Vodka, berries, fruit and lemon juice and let stand for 2 hours before serving. Strain and shake with elderflower essence. Fill up a long drink glass with the same berries and fruits, and pour in the drink. Top with elderflower cordial.





If you want to head out on the town to get your summer solstice on, these places are serving Reyka drinks this weekend!

Butter & Scotch (818 Franklyn Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11225) will be featuring the Moscow Summer Float with Reyka Vodka, Q Ginger Beer, Strawberry Ice Cream, and Lime


Tuffet (286 Graham Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211)  will be featuring 5 different Sangrias with Reyka for $5 each, all day Sunday(Pina Colada, Rosemary Rose, Ginger Peach, Chili Mango, and Cucumber Pear)


Nitehawk Cinema (136 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249) will be featuring a cocktail called The Longest Day with Reyka, Watermelon, Mint/Jalapeno Shrub, Lime



Fun fact: Skål is Norwegian for CHEERS! So, happy summer and Skål! May your cocktails be as strong as the sun and may your summer be nothing but fun!!


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