Let’s Blipit!

There’s a new & delicious app on the block that gives us the chance to chat directly about favorite restaurants and bars and share them with each other and with a food loving community. It’s called Blipit — a messaging app for food lovers where we get to chat about these favorite places of ours and then share the delicious details via a “blip” — which has everything you need in one place to make a reservation, check out the menu, read reviews, get directions, and even book an Uber!

Here’s an example of what a blip looks like and everything it includes:

Inline image 1


We’ll be able to chat in a group or just one on one. These blips are really unique and it’s so easy to have all of the information needed in one place so you’re not going back and forth between texting and multiple websites to plan your night. Bonus: These blips can be saved to your profile so you always have them and don’t have to look through texts and emails to find everything. I’ve been asked to build an NYC Foodie Finder community of great people who love sharing delicious food. That is where you come in and why I’m reaching out to you. As my followers and readers you’re the people I really want to talk to about what and where you’re eating. If you have any question please let me know, and message me on the app or even by email and if not here are all the details to join my community. I look forward to talking to you soon and sharing great spots with each other in this group. Did I mention it’s free? Here’s to many delicious meals ahead and growing this community together.

Now, let’s get this party started!

Join my NYC Foodie Finder community here just by downloading the app and using the exclusive group code NFF15.      unnamed      


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