#MintMutiny interview with chef Hugh Acheson

The #MintMutiny continues and we were lucky enough to have chef Hugh Acheson answer a few questions for us about what to serve on Derby day with your #MintMutiny cocktail, our love of pickles and some details on his new highly anticipated restaurant The Florence. 
Hugh 1

Since the Mint Mutiny cocktail is a unique twist on a Derby day what dishes do you recommend serving with it?

You can run the gambit, from hors d’oeuvres like pickled shrimp to good pork-based barbecue. A fun acidic like coleslaws would really work with this as well. To finish, I’d make a spring marinated strawberry dish as a dessert. Really, these types of cocktails are going to add a lot of flexibility to your table. There’s a core, refreshing aspect to the Captain Morgan White Rum that the Mint Mutiny highlights.

What are your Derby plans for today?                                            

I will wake up and put on my Derby clothes and enjoy the day – probably without a hat.

I’m a huge pickle fan and think your Pick a Pickle booklet is so useful.  What is your favorite type of pickle and favorite way to eat it/serve it?

There are so many recipes in that book, but they’re all meant to preserve wonderful products of various seasons. Right now, we’re entering the summer and I love pickling okra to use later on in many wonderful preparations. Most notably, a really classic Bloody Mary.

Congratulations on The Florence! It’s fun to see updates on social media and sneak peaks you’ve been posting. Is there something you’re really looking forward to with opening this restaurant that is different than your others?    

We are really excited to be opening in Savannah. It’s such a stunning American city that is in a really good place right now. I’m excited about the food at The Florence and showing the kinship between Italian food and Southern food.

So, in the spirit of the Quickfire Challenge from Top Chef I wanted to throw some rapid fire questions your way:
What was the last thing you ate? Cheese

What seasonal ingredient are you really excited about right now? Morels

What is your favorite Spring cocktail? The Mint Mutiny

You’re serious about coffee. Where is one of your favorite places to grab a cup when you’re in NYC? Third Rail Coffee in East Village

What is one word to describe your new restaurant The Florence? Respective

What is something that everyone should have in their kitchen? A cast iron pan

Stay up to date on everything chef Hugh Acheson is up to on his websitetwitter and for a behind the scenes look at his newest restaurant The Florence make sure to check out the restaurant on instagram. 

Also, hope you’re drinking your #MintMutiny  and retweeting the recipe on twitter to help us possibly win a trip to the Preakness & Belmont Stakes! So giddy up, get drinking (and retweeting)! Happy Derby day!


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